Agents who work with smaller insurance companies versus Goliaths such as Progressive Insurance may find numerous benefits they can pass on to their clients. Smaller doesn’t mean less capable or diverse. In fact, you may find that it means the exact opposite. Here are seven benefits of working with a company like American European Insurance Group.

1. Quick, Personalized Responses

At American European Insurance Group, we strive to respond to every agent query with fast, accurate quotes and information. We know your client is on the other side, waiting for you to get them information, and because our teams aren’t caught in the complex bureaucracy of a giant company, they can act quickly on your behalf.

2. Competitive Responses

As a smaller insurance company, we’re still able to provide competitive quotes and responses. In fact, we make it a point to try to compete with the best on the market, so you’ll find plenty of options for your clients.

3. Great Customer Service

We’ve honed our processes so we’re able to deliver great customer service to you as an agent and then to your client when they become a policyholder. We don’t hide behind numerous automations and levels upon levels of customer service reps. Instead, we equip all our employees to help you.

4. In-House Team for Claims

That customer service trend continues once your client becomes a policyholder. We even have in-house claims adjusters and attorneys, so policyholders are always talking to someone within the company when dealing with claims or other policy issues.

5. Always Able to Talk to Underwriters

As an agent, you can reach out directly to an underwriter for answers about quotes or details on policies. We know that every business and policyholder is unique, so we don’t hamstring you with inflexible communication methods. You can pick up the phone and be speaking to an underwriter in seconds, so you’re able to explain specific differences about your client and get the most accurate quote possible for them.

6. Flexible Policy Options

Even though American European Insurance Group is a smaller insurance company, we offer a huge range of policy options. We cover more than 500 classes of business with many broad coverages. Agents who are looking for a full range of services to provide comprehensive quotes and options for clients can begin and end their search with American European Insurance Group.

7. They Understand the Needs of Small Businesses

Finally, a smaller insurance company intrinsically understands the needs of small businesses. That helps American European Insurance Group offer the right coverage options and service for all types of small and mid-size companies.

Appointed Agents who want to provide the best possible options for their clients can begin the quote process online or by getting in touch with their designated underwriter at American European Insurance Group. You can also contact us via our online form or call the customer service line at 800-222-3058 for more information.