Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy

What would happen to your business if you ever needed more coverage than your General Liability insurance policy had to offer?  With AE’s Commercial Umbrella policy, you will never have to find out.

Increase your commercial liability coverage by purchasing an AE Commercial Umbrella policy.  AE offers Umbrella coverage, in addition to your primary liability coverage, with limits up to $5,000,000.   With AE’s competitive rates, higher liability limits have never been more affordable.

Although Commercial Liability Insurance covers liability claims, it does not provide coverage on liability claims exceeding $1,000,000.  In today’s litigious environment, higher liability limits should always be considered.  Get the commercial liability coverage that you need for your business by purchasing AE’s Commercial Umbrella policy.

Contact your local independent agent for more information about AE’s Commercial Umbrella insurance.

Note: This web page offers a brief description of coverages and availability may vary by State.  For exact terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of coverages, please refer to your policy or contact your local independent agent.